Fun with Unattended Workstations

You would find unattended workstations in your office and this post is going to help you out in panicking your co-workers by creating a simple BAT and VBS script to produce pop-ups and locking their machine. You can find the BAT code below:

@Echo Off
attrib +s +h AJ.bat
attrib +s +h ADJ.vbs
msg * /w "AJ is watching you !"
rundll32 user32.dll, LockWorkStation
timeout 120
go to aj

open notepad copy and paste it and save it with extension as .bat file. we are also changing the file attributes of BAT and VBS file and hiding it.  The rundll32.exe will call user32.dll and would eventually lock the system.We are not done yet, we will run this bat script in hidden window. VB script would help us out in this

dim aj
set aj = CreateObject("") "D:\AJ.bat" , 0

copy paste the code in notepad and save it as .vbs extension and also make sure you have the bat script is in the D:\ drive else change it to your preferred location. Now the user will get the message for every 120 seconds and machine would get locked every time the message box is closed.

Hope this post was interesting, keep watching this blog for more interesting posts…..

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